Discover the benefits of worry-free management

Entrusting your second home often becomes difficult, for a variety of reasons. We have just as many reasons to convince you that Welcomely will enable you to rely on a network of property management professionals who can take care of your property in a comprehensive way.

Welcomely in 10 points

We take care of properties and those who choose to entrust them to us.

We keep up with the times and entrust every step of the management process to a specialized team.

Professional revenue management

Revenue is the key to generating profit, but it must be done by experienced hands. We are in charge of defining the pricing strategy and Set the right prices at the right time to maximize the occupancy rate and revenues of our owners.
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on revenues

With Welcomely, owners have Always in control, in real time, the booking status of your property. We develop and share with owners a detailed and transparent monthly revenue reporting report.
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We take care of the Administrative burdens, the signing of tourist lease contracts and legal notices, leaving the owners free of all duties.
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Our landlords pay taxes on rental income Only on what actually represents revenue for them. We also handle the calculation and payment of tourist tax, issue tax documents and act as a tax substitute for our owners.
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We take care of putting the ads online, Optimizing positioning on OTAs to ensure maximum visibility in online channels. In addition, our sales department is constantly working to generate booking volumes even in the off-season.
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Welcomely takes care of the customers staying at your facility through a Centralized, multilingual Booking office, operating 365 days a year Providing real-time phone and email support and assistance.
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We constantly strive to provide our guests with impeccable service, and our owners with worry-free management. We work only with professional cleaning and laundry agencies able to guarantee the highest standards of hygiene and attention to detail.
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We periodically check the condition of the properties through an inspection checklist. Any maintenance work is immediately reported to the owners and taken care of by our maintenance team.
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Having satisfied guests is the key to successful management. Our on-site service team takes care of reception procedures, registration, complaints and critical situations during the stay to always ensure a High level of tourist satisfaction.
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We provide owners with a professional staging service that allows them to Lease the property faster and at a higher price due to room enhancement.
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There are questions we are asked very often.

We thought we would bring them back here with our related answers.

By relying on Welcomely you decide to entrust the management of your property to an experienced professional in the field of tourist lease management. You will no longer have to worry about anything, we take care of everything.
With Welcomely you place your property in an efficient, reliable and transparent management network that guarantees you a high occupancy rate thanks to multichannel visibility. We bring to the professional level what is uniquely a source of extra income for you. Our experience and dynamic pricing system, designed according to seasonality, demand and events on the location, ensure that you maximize the economic return from putting your property to income.

Absolutely nothing. For a few small initial guarantees and fulfillments, Welcomely's system guarantees you total and reliable management of your property. We take care of everything. We promote your property through all major booking channels, online and offline. We take care of all maintenance, technical, organizational, tax and accounting aspects related to leases. We take care of the operational management of your property for you, from check-in/check-out service to assistance during the rental period with 24/7 customer service. We take care of the reporting of your guests' data to Public Safety authorities, through the Questura's Lodging Portal and ISTAT regional observatories. Worry-free Rentals. You give us confidence, we take care of the rest.With Welcomely you place your property in an efficient, reliable and transparent management network that guarantees you a high occupancy rate thanks to multichannel visibility. We bring to a professional level what for you is solely a source of extra income. Our experience and dynamic pricing system, designed according to seasonality, demand and events on the location, ensure that you maximize the economic return from putting your property to income.

The security of your property is as much a priority for us as it is for you. With this in mind, we believe the best solution is for both of us to secure a small commitment. The Property Manager will take steps to supervise the condition of the property and promptly ascertain any damage attributable to the conduct of tenants, undertaking as far as possible to recover the amounts owed and to provide you with reasonably necessary assistance in the event of any challenge to those responsible. For the other part, we simply ask you to protect your property by taking out observe the legal requirement on taking out a liability insurance policy, so you can always sleep soundly. The cost is negligible, less than 100 euros per year.

You entrust us with the management of your property, but in your property you are always at home. We guarantee you a "Period of Unavailability", by virtue of which you can request Welcomely to grant any periods of non-availability of the Real Estate Unit for the purposes of Leases for a maximum of 30 days per year. A request that Welcomely - upon verification of reservations already collected and leases already completed - will be happy to approve to give you the opportunity to experience your second home in your free time. Also, we are serious professionals, but not strict. If in the off-season you have pleasure/need to unplug, why not.. If there are no bookings in sight you can always treat yourself to a little vacation in your own home.

Utility bills remain the responsibility of the landlord-that's the only expense you have to take care of. But don't worry, we calculate the sales rate to include the costs of taxes and utilities so that these expenses do not burden the owner, but are variable costs charged to the guest.

Welcomely management does not incur any fixed costs. The percentage that Welcomely retains is 25%+vat of the rent paid by the tenant net of OTAs' commissions and cleaning fees. We do not collect any percentage on what is a cost to our landlords, and we bill the host for management and brokerage services separately. In this way we significantly lower the tax base on which taxes are calculated, providing owners with the best tax solution. In addition, in the Welcomely system payments are upfront, so credit risk is nullified.

By virtue of the "Mandate of Collection and Payment," the amounts collected from the Tenants shall be received by Welcomely, which is obligated to pay the Owner the collection component due to him/her for the previous month by the 28th day of each calendar month, net of any payments reversed by the Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Stripe Circuits due to fraud found on the banking circuits.

Welcomely acts as a tax withholding agent, we pay the dry coupon and tourist tax on behalf of our owners through the automation of our software.

You will always be able to check in real time the status of your Real Estate Unit's reservations and leases as well as the status of collected and outstanding payments, through a restricted access to the Owner's Area on our management software. At the reach of a click you can check at any time everything about the management of your property through an easy and intuitive interface.

The contract is for 12 months, with tacit renewal upon expiration and the possibility of termination with 3 months' notice. If you change your mind or for any reason you should not be satisfied with our management you only need to notify us of your wish to terminate.

In the competitive world of short/medium term rentals Welcomely is synonymous with quality and attention to detail. We strive to always offer impeccable service inspired by high standards of quality. That's why we provide you with professional Interior Design consultations and, through our team of architects, we carry out for you property enhancement projects, renovations or home staging to make them unique and functional. Remember: investment in quality always pays the best interest rate.

Our reception and customer care service operates 7/7 h24 to ensure assistance to guests pre, during and post stay.

Welcomely is a company born from the experience and expertise of Portal Sardinia SpA e Bentu Experience Ltd., reference companies in property management, entrepreneurial network management and innovation. It is currently the reference property management company for the Welcome To Italy.

Welcomely Ltd.

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