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With the carefree management of Welcomely, your second home will stop being a concern.

It will become what you have always dreamed of: cozy, clean, comfortable.

E convenient.

Discover all the benefits of Welcomely management.

all in order,
without thinking about it

Welcomely provides you and your second home with a pool of experts who will get all the tax aspects in order.

And regulatory ones as well.

And bureaucratic.


You can start forgetting about deadlines, we'll take care of it.

What about everything else?

It is not enough to manage the tax regulations to make a property productive. You need to do promotion, manage the guest, wash and change linens, see if there is any maintenance that needs to be done and then ... do it. And much more.

Well, guess what: these are things to stop worrying about.

But there is more. Take a look at the slider.


We are not the usual vacation rental agency: we are much more than that.

Sardinia Point Portal is the first network of tourism entrepreneurs in Sardinia, working to grow tourism on the island all year round.


More than 30 experts from the area, the Sardinia Local Expert, located throughout the island, ready to create value for Sardinia and those who visit it.


Experience, expertise, history: at your service.

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Welcomely offers its services to both owners who want to manage their second homes and those looking for a vacation home.


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